Valentina was born in Genoa in 1982.

After 10 years working in commercial photography she felt the need to redefine her visual vocabulary and in 2020 she moved to Buenos Aires where she began a research focused on issues of gender, memory and identity.

Her long-term projects are inspired by poetry and literature, especially the magical realism that pervades Latin America, and approach psychoanalysis and explore social issues such as migration and patriarchy.

Emptying to make space for the unknown is just the beginning of this process in which she is in search for the essential and the beauty that is found in everything which does not please us. Project: Lo Sagrado.

Through an uprooting from the known places the desire was born to try to understand the most intimate, emotional and multifaceted meaning of migrating. Project: eMovere.

Today his research explores anti-patriarchal male movements in Latin America, with the desire to create new visual narratives in contrast to gender stereotypes. On going project: Efecto Mariposa

She is co-founder of “La Settimanale di Fotografia”, a cultural association created to promote visual culture through meetings, exhibitions, cinema, workshops and performances.


Publications 2020-2022: Poy Latam Revista, DinamoPress, Revista Amazonas

2020 IPA International Photography Awards/ Honorable Mention 

2022 Athens Photo Festival / Shortlist 

2022 IPA Official Selection

2022 BJP – Female in Focus winner series 

Female in Focus – Valentina Fusco